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Laka Zeza ist ein leibhaftiges Freiluftlabor: wir bauen im Moment ein Forschungszentrum zum Studium der Wale im Kanal von Korinth auf, das sich auch auf Meeresbiologie und Invertebrata-Ethologie spezialisiert 


After almost 35 years Sandro and Laura, early settlers and original managers Lakazeza, they decided to pass the baton and we have collected. 'We' are Marta, Luca and Alessandro.

Marta is a professor of Applied Ethology at the University of Turin, with a PhD in Science and High Technology from the University of Turin, and she is also the owner of a sole proprietorship which operates boats for charter and deals research activities in the marine environment. For years she devoted herself to the study of the problems of conservation of cetaceans. To do research she worked in the waters of many seas around the world, but she prefers the Mediterranean Sea and the Greek waters in particular. She has always been in love with nature and only in water she feels truly alive. In recent years she is increasingly abandoning the closed tank to the open sea with its depth. She loves to slip on the water while sailing and she is sailing instructor of Glenans. She is the president of Gaia Research Institute Onlus ( an association whose aim is the protection and enhancement of nature, the environment and biodiversity. She knows Lakazeza since 1987 and since then she has fallen in love with it and considers it her 'home'. With Luca, his partner, she decided to transfer here the focus of their lives. Curriculum Marta

Luca has had a long career as a sailor and canoeist. At the same time he has been the owner and administrator of two companies that operate in the field of navigation: refitting, rigging, deck hardware, sale. In love with water and open spaces he has spent most of his life at sea. He has participated in all major national and international regattas, offshore and not, including two world tours ('Whitbread Round the World Race', current 'Volvo Race'). He has helmed some of the most beautiful boats in the world that led him to meet and know important Italian owners. Last sporting passion is biking, that he combines with sailing and that led him to participate in the main marathon of Italy and '24 hours' of Finale as an amateur. Luca arrived in Lakazeza in early 2008, along with Marta, and he's in love with it. Along with Marta he lives in Lakazeza from January 2009. Curriculum Luca


Alessandro, sailor budding, scientist curious about the world, possible future operator of Lakazeza, awaits you with his disarming smiles.








Throughout the year Marta and Luca are concerned with the maintenance and management of the facility. During the holidays and the summer months they are available to guests with their skills.

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