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Let me stop here. Let me, too, look at nature awhile.
The brilliant blue of the morning sea, of the cloudless sky,
the yellow shore; all lovely,
all bathed in light
Kostantino Kavafis

Laka Zeza is embedded in a particularly breathtaking environment, on the western coast of the Corinth Canal.

One of the finest and less known Greek seas, this strait is scattered with bays and with calcareous coves, where the green of the Aleppo pines marries with the blue of transparent waters.

The Canal waters are characterised by a high biodiversity and represent an ideal environment for the small pelagic fishes that breed a large population of cetaceans.

In opposition to the cold waters of the Aegean islands, the Korinthos Canal’s waters are warm and less beaten by the insistent summer Meltemi wind. In comparison with the Ionian Islands, the number of boats and the mass tourism are extremely limited here.

The proximity of the most interesting sites of classical Greece makes Laka Zeza a strategic place for anybody interested to deepen the cultural aspects of a visit in Greece.
With a short trip you can reach the remains of ancient Korinthos. In a one-day excursion you can visit Athens or reach the ancient sites of Mycenae, Epidaurus and the Venetian Nafplio. One day trip to Delphi allows you to visit one of the finest and more interesting sites of ancient Greece.

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