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Laka Zeza is a real open air laboratory, in which we are setting up a research centre for the study of cetaceans in the Corinth Canal, also dealing with marine biology and invertebrate ethology. 


Aware of the impact that our world is having on the planet and the environment, at Laka Zeza we are trying to minimise our ecological footprint, through an accurate managing of waste and resources, and with the production of energies through environmental friendly technologies, aiming at reducing CO2 emissions as much as possible.


The organic wastes are used for composting and the fertilisation of the vegetable patch and the fruit trees.
We are trying to reduce at the source other types of waste, buying as much as possible from the local producers, without the use of packaging. The same famous mineral water of Loutraki is purchased and transported with tanks and large bottles. The guests are then provided with aluminium bottles, for their personal use. What remains of the waste is finally separated. The black water wastes are treated with enzymes and, to facilitate the transformation, the guests are requested not to throw toilet paper in the toilets.
The grey waters are used for irrigation. The use of biological soaps is recommended to all guests.


With the purpose of making Laka Zeza independent from the communal administration or from provisioning by third parties, we are installing a temporised system of sweet water collection for hygienic use from the well present in the property, and a possible desalinisation of the water.
To reduce the CO2 emissions generated by the transportation of food, a large portion of the used products are grown directly on site or bought nearby. The Italian products eventually used (ham, parmesan cheese, pasta) are purchased directly by us and transported during other indispensable trips.


Since the infrastructure has never been connected with the network of power distribution, in order to maintain its independence and make it autonomous without CO2 emissions, we have installed photovoltaic plants of 2,3/3 Kw in the main building. The infrastructures dedicated to our guest reception are also powered by a photovoltaic plant, but with a continuous power of 12V/24V, also to grant the maximum safety for children.

In order to warm up the water, we have set up a solar thermal panel on the main building.
In winter time, in order to integrate this system, we will initially maintain the original water heating with gas boilers.
The structure is heated in winter time by a thermo- fireplace powered by the local wood, granting an efficiency of 73%.
In 2011 we have installed in the main house double-glazing windows, in order to reduce heat dispersion and the related wood consumption.

Our target is to make Laka Zeza a Zero emission infrastructure.

This is why we are currently evaluating the total balance between emissions and absorptions of CO2, connected with the “gas” burning, the desalinisation plant and the cultivation of fruit trees and olives.
We also intend to evaluate the cost of emissions related with the production process of the electrical appliances used and the photovoltaic and thermal plant.




















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