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Laka Zeza is a real open air laboratory, in which we are setting up a research centre for the study of cetaceans in the Corinth Canal, also dealing with marine biology and invertebrate ethology.


…a place far away from the mass tourism, a clearing surrounded by a vast pine forest facing the Corinth Gulf, where the coast discloses small deserted bays, creeks, beaches framed by pine trees, olives trees, almond trees. A paradise on earth one hour and a half away from Athens.... 

Laka Zeza is:
  • A magic place
  • Sun, see, forest
  • A time machine, slowing down the hectic rhythm of today’s life
  • A family environment, accomodating you in rooms, bungalows and tents
  • A starting point to meet an ancient millenary civilisation
  • An agorà
  • Pines trees , Olives trees , Mediterranean scent
  • Calm, balm crickets, foxes, badgers, hoopoes…
  • Olive oil, honey, wine
  • Wood havens, fireplaces, stoves
  • Cooking from another era 
  • Sustainable tourism and respect for the environment
Laka Zeza is not:
  • A touristic village, a residence, an hotel, a camp site, a restaurant
  • Noisy water sports, water jets and deafening water gym on the beach
  • Animation, discos, swimming pool parties
  • Cars, traffic, tarmac roads
Laka Zeza offers to its guests:
  • the possibility of conducting activities to explore the natural environment: snorkelling, wood walks, dolphin-watching, bird-watching, astronomical observation
  • the opportunity of practicing sports that put you in contact with nature: breath-held diving, trekking, canoeing, mountain biking, sailing, climbing, diving
  • the possibility of enjoying activities that put you in contact with yourself: autogenic training, massage, bio dance, yoga
  • the chance of participating in artistic workshops

If you have never been here...
The first impression hitting the arriving traveller is the unexpected and vivifying impact with the nature. The variegated green of the forest, the vivid blue of the sky and the sea, the singing of the wind and the balm crickets dominate the untamed scene.






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